The Ultimate Wellness Journey To SURVIVE Quarantine.

Bulletproof Your Immune System Tackle Your Mental Health issues Transform with me everyday via ZOOM img
30 Mins For 30 Days!!

What’s different about this program?


It’s not just about fitness or losing weight or gaining that muscle. It’s about holistic wellness that we all need to survive and lead an active lifestyle.

Physical Fitness

Workout everyday for not more than 20 mins and get back in shape. Keeping it simple and with maximum results.

Stress Management

Deal with the day’s stress all at ease. Your Mental health is now on us, stress no more.

Sleep Hygiene

It’s important to allow your body the right amount of sleep it needs. Keep a check on your sleep cycle with us.


No, we ain’t talking about diets. Introducing to you quick and recipes to transform and build your immune system without an extra penny.


Switch to a transformed lifestyle and get educated for life. Diets don’t transform, habits do.

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About Satish Paryada

  • Celebrity Trainer, Sports Nutritionist & Lifestyle Transformer
  • Satish Paryada is an internationally certified and renowned fitness trainer, a master functional training expert with 20 years of experience all across the world.
  • Internationally certified with L2 - Personal Training, L3 - Circuit Training, Group Indoor Cycling, certified Group Training Instructor and Outdoor fitness.
  • Certified Sports nutrition Specialist who has trained Jwala gutta, Azharuddin and others.
  • An impeccable track record of transforming minds, bodies and lives across India and the UK.
  • He is currently the personal trainer of Tollywood Stylish star Allu Arjun, superstar Mahesh Babu, Junior NTR, Ram pothenini, adivi sesh and Tollywood’s most preferred trainer
  • The Founder/CEO of Fit Map gyms across Hyderabad and conducted many boot camps across the country.
100 +
Celebs Trained
1000 +
Lives Transformed
10,000 +
Success Stories

The Man Behind Our Fit Officers -
Telangana Police Academy

Satish Paryada has designed a specific & exclusive program for the entire force at the Telangana Police Academy and specifically for the newly appointed officers. They are all trained to be fit, eat right and maintain a perfect balance in life under his prestigious guidance as a mandate.

3 Amazing Levels


To your transformation for life. Get ready a explore a whole new world of fitness and lifestyle transformation like that of the celebrities.

BEGIN Edition

To pave the way to some real transformation, you first begin. Move from that cozy couch and close the box of excuses. The time is now for you to.

LEVEL UP Edition

Change the way you see yourself. Keep the bar increasing, level up, one day at a time and promise yourself for your best version very soon.

Coming Soon
STRIKE Edition

Now that you know what you need the best, strike and never give up. Consistency counts and habits transform indeed. Transform your routine for life!

Coming Soon


What’s in it for you?


Everything you’ve been missing for quite a while now. No more excuses,
get ready to work on yourself for good.

  • 30 Days LIVE guided workouts
  • 50 Healthy recipes to weight loss and boost your immunity
  • 10 commandments of wellness
  • Tips to improve your sleep
  • Stress Management
  • BONUS 1 - Closed group webinars with Celebrity trainer
  • BONUS 2 - Privileged membership of a private Facebook community
  • BONUS 3 - Weekly webinars with a panel of Doctors including Fertility Experts, Physician, Diabetologist & Cardiologist

Best Fit




Our Facebook Group Community is for all members who’ve exclusively taken the road to a greater version of themselves. And here’s why they’re lucky!

Best Part: 100% Money Back Guarantee if not satisfied!


Terms & Conditions

After the completion of the program, if you aren't satisfied with the end result and efforts
from the team, you will receive a full refund, once we receive your email.

If this hasn’t motivated you enough,


We don’t know what will!


We can allow a short degree of flexibility. However, we advice you to stick to the time slot that you chose for yourself as it is a group session and other people may get affected by it. We have slots at 6:30am, 7:30am, 11:30am, 6:30pm, 7:30pm.
The program is a wellness journey of 30 days that aims to transform your mind, body, and soul for life. Keeping mind the struggle and mental trauma we all are going through in this Covid 19 Crisis, this program is for everyone. For mental health management, stress management, physical fitness, sleep hygiene, nutrition etc. It's a holistic wellness program that is going to educate you for life.
The course is 30 days long for 30/60 mins everyday.
The program includes 5 modules which are Train Your Body, Train Your Mind, Breath Work, A Power of Habit and Surrender. We also organize weekly webinars with doctors. However, the program is built to develop both your mind and body. Hence, the program also focuses on building habits based on the Ten Commandments one needs to follow to lead a healthy and active life.
Yes. You can choose between 30 minutes and a 60 minutes time slot.
Yes you can. Our beginners level program ha has been specially designed for those who have never trained before and are looking for a simple workout regime that has a low impact on the body. We will especially explain and guide if you have any complications in parts like knees, ankle, shoulder, lower back, etc. In our timely sessions with doctors, you can have all your queries addressed as well.
Mostly you won’t need it if you are participating in this program. You can always send in your queries and someone from our team will make sure that your questions are answered by him. He will answer them in the upcoming live class.
If you still need an online consultation then we have a paid consultation option where you will send your query to our team. You will be required to send complete information and the background of your query.
In odd cases, yes you can cover up what you may have missed in the previous class. However, we would highly recommend you to keep up the consistency as only a few candidates are being accommodated in the sessions.
Other than your fitness routine, the course includes diet plan, nutrition education, recipes, You can choose between 30 mins and 60 mins of physical activity.
The course is from Monday to Saturday of 5 hourly slots. On Sundays, you can either opt for a 5km run or take a rest day.
you can signup here so that one of team members will contact you and explain about the sign up process or you can give us a call at 8121330777.

Do you have 30 mins for yourself?

Because not every fitness program asks for too much of you.

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